3x Spaz Stix 00309 Silver Metallic (Color or Candy Backer)  Aerosol Paint 3.5oz
Spax Stix

3x Spaz Stix 00309 Silver Metallic (Color or Candy Backer) Aerosol Paint 3.5oz

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3 cans Spaz Stix

Silver Metallic Hard Anodized Candy Backer / Basecoat Aerosol Paint 3.5oz


The Silver Metallic Candy Backer is great for backing Hard Anodized Candy Paints for that wow factor. When choosing to use Spaz Stix Candy Paints on your project use the Silver Metallic Candy Backer to ensure that the sparkle in your paint job shines through! Spaz Stix Metallic Silver Backer is used primarily in conjunction with our Hard Anodized Candy Premium Paints. Used as a backer this will give any candy, or color tone only paint, a metallic finish yet keep the deep liquid look of the candy colors. The fine metal flakes in our Metallic Silver reflect vibrant color and brilliant contrasts of smooth, deep, liquid like reflections as the paint moves in and out of direct sunlight. The Metallic Silver Backer can also be used as one of the most amazing Metallic Silver base colors. Try it today! Detailed Instructions: Apply Spaz Stix Hard Anodized Candy Paints according to instructions. Allow Candy Paint to dry at least 20 minutes before applying the Silver Metallic Hard Anodized Candy Backer/Basecoat. 1. Apply at 60° - 80°F and shake for one minute prior to use. 2. Hold can at least 8" to 10" from spray surface and apply in thin layers with smooth continuous motions until desired coverage is achieved. Shake can occasionally. 3. Clean valve when finished by holding can upside down and spraying for two seconds. Wipe residue away from spray tip. ***Once you have finished painting your hobby project, apply Spaz Stix Ultra Shine Clear Acrylic Enamel SZX90109 to protect the paint from abrasive chemicals such as nitro fuel.