Arrma V5 Kraton Spektrum 150A Smart 6s ESC 2050kv Brushless Motor W/ PINION KRATON

Arrma V5 Kraton Spektrum 150A Smart 6s ESC 2050kv Brushless Motor W/ PINION KRATON

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Arrma V5 Kraton Spektrum Firma 150A Smart 6s waterproof electronic speed control with IC5 connectors (EC5 compatible), integrated cooling fan and Firma 4074 2050kv 4 pole brushless motor WITH PINION

These were removed from a new Arrma V5 Kraton 6s blx brushless 4wd truck.

Also for use on the Arrma Talion, Senton, Notorious, Outcast, Infraction, Limitless, Mojave, and Typhon.


Can be powered by two 3-6S (11.1-22.2V) LiPo batteries, 35C 5000mAh
minimum requirement
6.0V/3A continuous output, 12A max
Bridge connector for using single 4S or 6S battery
Over voltage and overheat protection
Two stage LiPo cutoff, single stage NiMH cutoff
Temperature protection mode if ESC temperature exceeds 221°F
Integrated cooling fan to reduce heat during extreme running
Waterproof under normal usage
Integrated hold down tabs easily secure inside vehicle chassis
Set up for use from factory, settings may be changed

6S ESC with Cooling Fan, two IC5 Battery Connectors
with 10AWG Wires, Receiver Plug, Power Switch and Set Button
10AWG Motor Wires with 4mm Diameter Gold Plated Female Connectors,
and Bridge Connector

                            BLX Brushless Extreme Performance

ESC TYPE 150AMP Continuous current capacity
Battery usage 4S LiPo (14.8) up to 6S LiPo (22.2V) Stick Pack maximum
Low Voltage Cut-Off (LVC) 3.2V per cell
Thermal Protection Temperature 105°C / 221°F
Over-Voltage Protection Over 6S LiPo (22.2V)
ESC Length 57.5mm / 2.26"
ESC Height 38.9mm / 1.53"
ESC Width 59.5mm / 2.34" (Including hold-down tabs)
ESC Weight 196g / 6.91oz
Capacitor Length -
Capacitor Diameter N/A
Receiver Wire Length 200mm / 7.87"
Battery Wire Length 165mm / 6.5"
Motor Wire Length (Including Connector) 130mm / 5.12"
Switch Length 29.3mm / 1.15"
Switch Width 12.8mm / 0.5"
Switch Height 18mm / 0.71"
Motor Bullet Connector Size 4mm / 0.16"
Wire Specifications 10AWG
ESC Battery Connector Type IC5 (EC5 compatible)

Motor is 40mm od and 74mm long