RPM 81579 81609 Suspension Arms FRONT left right A-arms ARRMA 6S (V5 & EXB) KRATON OUTCAST TALION FIRETEAM

RPM 81579 81609 Suspension Arms FRONT left right A-arms ARRMA 6S (V5 & EXB) KRATON OUTCAST TALION FIRETEAM

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Tech Notes: RPM ARRMA Kraton, Talion, Notorious, Fireteam & Outcast A-arms are sold as one upper and one lower in each package. Two left and Two right package is needed for each vehicle. Our A-arms replace the upper arms from ARRMA #330655 and the lower arms from ARRMA #330656.

Version Notes:#1
V5 & EXB models: Stock replacement A-arms for ARRMA #330655 and ARRMA #330656.
V4 and earlier models: Requires 1 – ARRMA #ARA713032 Shock Mount Pin & 1 – ARRMA #ARA330645 End Cap. Replaces stock ARRMA #AR330218 & #AR330219.

RPM 6S Front A-arms fit V5 / EXB editions of the ARRMA Kraton, Notorious, Talion, Fireteam & Outcast. The design modifications we incorporated accommodate changes made by ARRMA for V5 and EXB versions of these vehicles. However, they are reverse compatible for older models (see “Version Notes” below).

Beefier: Our A-arms are significantly beefier than our original 6S version A-arms. Lower A-arm support beams are 30% thicker while upper A-arms are more than 22% thicker. The added thickness not only improves durability and strength, it also reduces flex. Less flex equates to more predictable suspension performance and handling.

Extra Suspension Options: The lower A-arm has an added shock mount hole further outboard. This additional position provides a lower profile suspension set-up. The shocks lay down a little further, dropping the ride height for a lower center of gravity. A lower center of gravity equates to higher corner speeds.

Caster Clip Elimination: As for the upper A-arm, we eliminated the caster spacers. This gave us room to widen the arm at the inner hinge pin mount. The extra width creates more of an “A” shape, stabilizing the upper A-arm. A more stable A-arm improves steering and suspension performance while adding strength and durability.

All RPM A-arms are molded from our nearly indestructible blend of engineering grade nylons. Tough materials equate to performance you can rely on when the conditions are at their worst!