Team Corally Syncro 4 1/8 Scale 4S Brushless Off Road Buggy RTR Blue COR00287-B
Team Corally Syncro 4 1/8 Scale 4S Brushless Off Road Buggy RTR Blue COR00287-B

Team Corally Syncro 4 1/8 Scale 4S Brushless Off Road Buggy RTR Blue COR00287-B

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SYNCRO 4 - Crafted for Value, Born to Perform!
The Team Corally Syncro4 is a groundbreaking 1:8 scale bash buggy engineered for enthusiasts seeking an extraordinary off-road experience without compromising quality or performance. This exceptional machine redefines the boundaries of budget-friendly RC cars, offering an unparalleled combination of affordability, durability, and handling. As part of Team Corally's highly regarded lineup, the Syncro4 inherits an enduring legacy of excellence, boasting over 80% shared parts with legacy models.

Unleash Power and Precision: Syncro 4 Ready-to-Run Package with Proven Electronics
The heartbeat of performance for the Syncro4 Ready-to-Run package lies with a formidable Kuron 725 4-pole, 2150kv sensorless brushless motor, delivering an unmatched blend of power and efficiency. Partnered with this beast is a Torox 135 Electronic Speed Control, renowned for its smooth and reliable performance, capable of controlling the intensity of 4S LiPo power. Steering precision is enhanced by a HV7225 digital high-speed servo, featuring robust metal gears and an impressive 25Kg of torque. These cutting-edge electronics, reminiscent of the proven components in models like the Sketer and Radix4, guarantee an exhilarating and reliable off-road experience with the Syncro4.

Experience Precision Control with the All-New CT2S Compact Transmitter
Elevate your RC experience with the cutting-edge CT2S compact 2.4 GHz transmitter, providing super-fast response, an impressive range of over 200m, and essential features like steering dual rate and servo reverse. Tailor your learning curve with a convenient 50%-100% power switch, perfect for beginners seeking a slower pace in which to learn. Packed in a compact form for easy transport, this transmitter is suitable for a wide range of users, making it an ideal choice for enthusiasts of all ages, including youngsters!

Suspension Excellence: The Syncro 4's Dynamic Design
Team Corally doesn't pull any punches when it comes to the Syncro4's suspension system. Leveraging the well-known and bash-tested suspension arms from previous models like the Radix6 and Sketer, along with robust steering blocks and rear hubs, the Syncro4 ensures top-tier performance on any terrain. With the inclusion of the familiar 4mm CNC machined arm holders from the Spark XB6 and precision-engineered links (steering, servo, and rear upper arms), the Syncro4 maintains its commitment to durability and unparalleled performance. Even with the introduction of new plastic shocks and towers, Team Corally stands firm in delivering a suspension system that doesn't compromise on quality, durability, or performance.

Dominating the Terrain: Syncro 4's Efficient Drivetrain
The Syncro4 commands the off-road domain with a formidable drivetrain built for relentless power and precision. Its steel outdrive cups, paired with robust central driveshafts, form the optimized backbone of a system designed for uncompromised strength and longevity. Precision-engineered CVD driveshafts in the front and durable metal dogbones in the rear ensure dynamic and reliable performance. Supported by aerospace-quality 8x16x5mm rubber-sealed ball bearings, the entire drivetrain maximizes efficiency and durability. The Syncro4's drivetrain components are shared with the Radix4, mirroring its geometry and tuning options akin to our top-notch 6S lineup.

Blending Proven Performance with Fresh Design in the Syncro 4 Bash Buggy
In crafting the Syncro4, Team Corally seamlessly blends proven components with innovative solutions, offering a harmonious mix of reliability and fresh design. Many elements, like the robust arms, steering blocks, and rear hubs, draw inspiration from our proven 6S lineup, ensuring a solid foundation. At the same time, newly redesigned shocks, towers, and other key features introduce a breath of fresh air. Notably, enthusiasts can easily update various components from the 6S lineup, adding a layer of versatility and personalization to the Syncro4 driving experience. In our commitment to innovation, we extend our focus beyond mechanics to aesthetics, incorporating striking features like anodized in titanium color, laser-etched chassis, ensuring your Syncro4 not only performs outstandingly but also stands out in style.


Team Corally TOROX 135 ESC, 3-4S with LiPo protection
Team Corally Kuron 725, 2150kV, 4-Pole Brushless Motor
CRHV-7225 HV Metal Gear, 25Kg Torque, Steering Servo
Team Corally CT2S NEW Handy, Interference-free 2.4GHz Transmitter with 50%/100% power switch
Aluminium servo arm
One-Piece Composite Steering Link
New splash-proof and dustproof electronic box with transponder mount
XL Adjustable battery holder for all common LiPo batteries
Full set of ball bearings, rubber sealed
All transmission ball bearings are 8x16x5mm
Steel spur gear and motor pinion
Three sealed differentials individually filled with silicone oil
Quick + Easy diff access
Hybrid aluminium & composite motor holder with spur gear cover
Fixed motor position for 13T, 15T and 17T pinion
46T Steel Central gear
Ultra-rigid hybrid chassis brace system
Complete Hard Coated Steel Outdrives
Extra Surface Hardened Steel front CVD joints
Aluminium 17mm drive hexes
Oil-filled threaded 16 mm plastic Big Bore shocks
Shock spring perches locking system
Nylon composite shock cap protectors
Composite Front and Rear Shock Towers
Independent Pivot Ball front suspension
Independent double wishbone rear suspension
Optimized, custom developed composite parts
HD front steering blocks and rear hubs
Thick 4mm Aluminium Suspension Pin Braces
Composite Suspension Braces protectors
Heavy-Duty one-piece composite suspension links and tie rods
3mm Aluminium Laser Etched Chassis Plate
Reinforced chassis side guards with integrated body protection
Heavy Duty Front Bumper
New Reinforced High Downforce Wing
Factory-glued high-speed, low-profile tyres on black multi-spoke composite wheels
Sturdy, elaborately printed polycarbonate body available in 4 color schemes
Wide assortment of tuning parts available for individual customization


Drive Train: 4WD - Shaft Driven
Power System: 2S, 3S, 4S
Motor Type: Brushless
Top Speed: 80 km/h
Scale: 1/8
Length (mm): 515
Height (mm): 185
Wheelbase (mm): 327
Track Front (mm): 308
Track Read (mm): 308
Ground Clearance (mm): 50
Weight no battery (g): 3400
Battery Compartment LxWxH (mm): 161x51
Shock Diameter (mm): 19
Front Shock Length (mm): 106
Rear Shock Length (mm): 129
Rim Diameter (mm): 84
Rim Width (mm): 42
Tire Diameter (mm): 116
Tire Width (mm): 43
Motor: Kuron 725 - 2150KV - 2-4S (Included)
Radio: TC - CT-2S 2.4GHz (Included)
Servo: CR-7225 - 25Kg Torque (Included)
Speed Control: TC - Torox 135 2-4S (Included)