TrackStar ROAR Approved (17.5T) 1/10th Stock Class Brushless ESC and Motor Combo
TrackStar ROAR Approved (17.5T) 1/10th Stock Class Brushless ESC and Motor Combo

TrackStar ROAR Approved (17.5T) 1/10th Stock Class Brushless ESC and Motor Combo

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To celebrate the TrackStar 1/10th 80A Turbo brushless ESC and Motor receiving ROAR approval, HobbyKing are now introducing the TrackStar ROAR approved 1/10th Stock Class Brushless ESC and Motor Combo set!

The ESC features a CNC alloy case top which incorporates the heatsink for the Mosfets, neat terminal cups for both the battery input and ESC output cables. The ESC software has a large number of user programmable settings such as punch, initial brake, drag brake, boost timing RPM, boost timing, Turbo timing, Turbo delay, Turbo ramp, boost acceleration - allowing this ESC to be customised in nearly every way you could ever need for 1/10 scale on or off road racing!

The motor features a quality CNC alloy motor can, hand-wound high purity copper windings and powerful sintered neodymium magnets, you wont find a better priced motor of this caliber anywhere else! They also feature adjustable timing which allows for fine tuning the performance of your ride while the sensor ensures smooth startups and acceleration.

ESC Specs:
Max Voltage: 2S Lipoly / 6 cell NiMH
Motor limit: 10.5T
Resistance: 0.0004 ohm
Operating current: 80A
Burst Current: 380A
Bec Current: 3A
Bec Voltage: 6V
"Blinky" mode (Non-timing mode): Yes

Programming Options:
Operation Mode: Forward/Brake/Reverse; Forward/Brake Only
Initial Brake: 10% ~ 80%
Drag Brake: 0% ~ 40%
Brake Strength: 50% ~ 100%
Voltage Cutoff: None ~ 3.5V/cell
Punch Profile: Level 1 ~ 9
Neutral DeanBand: 1% ~ 8%
Boost Timing: 0deg ~ 60deg
Turbo Slope: 3deg/0.1s, 6deg/0.1s, 12deg/0.1s, 18deg/0.1s, 24deg/0.1s, Fastest
Turbo Timing: 0deg ~ 30deg
Boost Timing RPM: 2000 ~15000
Turbo Delay: Off, 0.05sec, 0.1sec, 0.15sec, 0.2sec, 0.25sec, 0.3sec, 0.35sec, 0.4sec
Boost Timing ACC: 50RPM/deg ~ 700RPM/deg
Reverse Speed: 25% ~ 100%
Drive Frequency: 8Khz, 16Khz, 24khz
Brake Frequency: 1,2,4,8,16Khz
Temperature protection: On/Off
Motor Specs:
Can Size: 540
Turns: 17.5
RPM/v: 2270kv
Sensored: Yes (Standard 6 pin harness)
Max voltage: 7.4 (2S)
Max Current: 28A
Max Watts: 190w
Can Diameter: 36mm
Can Length: 53mm
Shaft Size: 3.175mm
Weight: 178g
ESC x 1
Motor x 1
Sensor wire
TrackStar Sticker

Now officially approved by ROAR for 17.5 spec stock class race use!